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Weight-Loss Options

Lap-Band® System

Otherwise known as gastric banding surgery, the Lap-Band® system helps you lose weight by limiting the amount of food your stomach can hold using an adjustable band. Combined with the patient’s commitment to lifestyle changes post-surgery, it is arguably the most effective treatment, especially for those with a lower body mass index (BMI). Surgeons at the Valley Care Clinic have seen the tremendous results the Lap-Band surgeries can offer their patients.

How it's done

Lap-Band Model
Using an adjustable band, your surgeon will section off a small pocket in the upper part of your stomach. This will greatly reduce the amount of food the stomach can hold, making you full after eating smaller portions. The band is connected to an access port that lies just under the skin, which allows the surgeon to inject or withdraw fluid to adjust the tightness of the Lap-Band. As you progressively lose weight, your surgeon can adjust the band to maintain the “fullness” effect and curb your appetite.

To insert the Lap-Band, your surgeon makes a few small incisions in the abdomen and inserts special surgical instruments along with a miniature camera. The camera lets the surgeon see inside your body without making a large cut. Because of the minimally invasive nature of the surgery, your body can recover faster, giving you more time to start your new healthy lifestyle.

What are the advantages to the Lap-Band system?

With the Lap-Band in place the digestive system slows, which can satisfy your appetite for several hours. Although you’re eating less food, there is no effect on the absorption of nutrients. Patients can expect to lose 55 to 80 percent of excess body weight over one to two years.

Lap-Band surgery is minimally invasive, meaning patients could benefit from a shorter hospital stay, less pain, fewer complications after surgery and a quicker recovery. Losing weight can give you more energy, enabling you to exercise and stay active. Because of this, it’s possible that certain obesity-related conditions such as diabetes or sleep apnea improve.

Compared to gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery does not require the surgeon to cut or reattach any part of the stomach or small intestine. In some cases, your surgeon may even remove the Lap-Band once you reach your target weight.

Is the Lap-Band system right for me?

To reach your goal weight, patients need to dedicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle after surgery. The success of the Lap-Band greatly depends on eating right and staying active after the procedure. As part of our weight-loss process, you will attend educational seminars to learn about the benefits and risks of Lap-Band surgery.

For more details about the benefits and risks of the Lap-Band system, contact our office at 956-664-1616.